TiniMobi CMS

edits in your cell phone!

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TiniMobi CMS is a small flat file (no database required) Content Management System (CMS).
Editing content is easy - clicking anywhere in your admin panel will enable you to edit any content you see ! ;-)

These are the main TiniMobi CMS 0.4.1 features:

* Easy installation - upload it and it works.
* Content is editable from your mobile phone.
* New default design (with much more coming).
* Smallest flat file CMS using edit-in-place AJAX technology.
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improved - cleaner URLs.
* Extra settings (meta keywords and description) for best SEO.
* Faster loading - it saves the content to files, not to a database.
* It weighs less than 14kB (22kB if unzipped), and has only 12 files.

And most important of all: It's safe! - and easy! Easy! EASY! - So easy to use!

Download TiniMobi CMS - just unzip it on your server - then you can login into your administration panel with the "Login" link in the footer and the default password admin. Change your password as soon as possible.

Once logged in, click anywhere on your content to edit it, and click outside to save it.

You can also add more pages, change your website keywords, description, title, slogan, copyright at the bottom of the administration page.

TiniMobi CMS has a footprint of less than 22kB - 14kB if zipped - that is why it is the smallest, and you can edit it in your cell phone !

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A Complete Turnkey Setup ! ;-)